Introducing Conflicted Theatre’s upcoming devised promenade theatre piece taking place at Sample-Studios, which will run from April 23-28 inclusive.

Joe belongs to the 18 – 35 demographic. He has done everything that has been expected of him: he did well at school, a keen sportsman, got his degree, followed by a decent job. As a result Joe has the life that the Celtic Tiger promised him: a car, a mortgage, his health, he can afford to eat out at decent restaurants and enjoys putting away a few pints with friends, just like the rest of us. In short, Joe is grand. Something has started happening to Joe, but he can’t quite tell what it is. The sheen has come off his ‘perfect’ life. Why does the person who has ‘everything’ feel as if there is something lacking? Joe goes in search of the answer. What decisions have led him to this place? What could he have done differently? Would it really make a difference? 18 – 35 travels with Joe through some of the memories, regrets, ambitions and goals of his generation and asks: what is it that connects us and can a demographic or a generation have a true sense of identity?

Conflicted Theatre are residents at Sample-Studios and make shows through adaptation and devising. They make theatre that has physical vigour and flair, and steers clear of the more conventional writer-centric modes of production. Their focus is on breaking down the hierarchy between text, movement, sound and image. They use their imaginations to their pinnacles in order to engage yours. Conflicted Theatre plan to stage 18-35 at the former Government Building on Sullivan’s Quay, Cork, which will run from April 23-28 inclusive, and rehearse on site from April 16-22 inclusive. 18 – 35 is a devised promenade piece which will traverse the floors and spaces of the building. The production will involve a cast of five professional actors and a creative team of writer-directors, producer, sound, lighting & stage design, and stage management.

Please help make this project happen by following the link to their fund it page: http://www.fundit.ie/project/18—35-1


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