TACTIC is the artist led exhibition space at Sample-Studios, based on the third floor.  As well as showcasing selected Sample-Studios members’ events, we operate on the basis of inviting cultural practitioners to propose a concept for a curated show. We then work with that curator to facilitate the exhibition.

TACTIC aims to provide a new format space for cultural practitioners to curate exhibitions. We aim to contribute to the creative community with a programme of challenging and exciting art. We are interested in creating a dialogue and a process of collaboration across different disciplines, areas and specialties and are committed to facilitating the development and enjoyment of contemporary art.

For more info visit tactic-art.info



An open submission group exhibition as part of THERE, THERE; a multi-venue photographic event across multiple venues in Cork City.

Curated by Stag & Deer

Opens Thursday 18th October 7.30pm
Runs until 3rd November. Tues-Sat 1-5pm.
ASPECT is a platform for emerging national and international lens based artists. The 15 successful artists are;Aija Bley (Latvia) // Cáit Fahey (Ireland) // Caroline McNally (Ireland) // Claudi Nir (Ireland) // Egor Rogelav (Russia) // Hiko Uemura (Japan/Netherlands) // Julia Schiller (Germany) // Kristian Smith (Scotland) // Lee Barry (Ireland) // Lori Pond (U.S.) // Mariela Sancari (Mexico) // Michal Bar-Or (Israel) // Muireann Brady (Ireland) // Oliver Schneider (Germany) // Stefania Sapio (Ireland)

RightBrain Fine Art Printers is sponsoring ASPECT by printing and mounting all works.

With the partnership of RightBrain fine art printers in Cork, the works will be printed and shown in TACTIC Cork. The panel of judges for this selection were; Tony O’Brien, Owner at RightBrain, Stag & Deer, Matt Packer of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Sheelah Moloney from 2020 Gallery. The Guesthouse, Cork has kindly offered a month long residency to one of the selected artists during 2013. The successful artist has yet to be announced.

For more information on other events see THERE THERE event page.




Curated by Sarah Lundy

Opens Wednesday 12th September at 7pm
All works for Television were taken from the MART online archive http://www.mart.ie.

Artists: Margaret O’Brien, Darragh O’Callaghan, Lorraine Neeson, Adrian Duncan, Aoife Giles, Barry W Hughes, Ciara Scanlon, Eoin O’Dowd, Gavin Campbell, Laura O’Connor, Ruth Le Gear & Nina Hynes, Tonya McMullen, Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen, Emily Boylan, Ciaran Hussy, Coleen Keough, Jessica Fenlon, Joan Healy, Jonathan Mayhew, Louise Marlborough & Olive Barrett, Laura Fitzgerald, Mary Dempsey, Rebecca Kinsey, Vanessa Daws.

MART is an arts organisation with bases in Ireland and the UK. Their primary aim is to create
a platform for New Media, Installation, Sculpture, Experimental Film, and Performance artists to showcase their work and provide an Art resource that is accessible, interesting and enjoyable to the public.

The concept for TELEVISION: An Exhibition is based on Canadian theorist Marshall McLuhans (1911-1980) studies on media theory and its impact on society, specifically the medium of Television and the notion of media as content in his 1964 book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.

In this work, McLuhan coins the phrase ‘the medium is the message’ by which he proposes that the media itself primarily confers content of its own characteristics rather than the content which is transmitted through it. He uses a light bulb as example of this treatise by demonstrating how the bulb itself and its function provide the content of the experience, and that despite being a medium without actual content it produces social affect in terms of environment. When applied to television as a medium then it is the characteristics of the medium and not the content that communicates with the viewer. His 1967 work ‘The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects’ is a play on the term ‘the medium is the message’ and proceeds to divulge how our sensory and cognitive faculties are manipulated and seduced by the medium and how the viewer identifies with it rather than what it transiently transmits by way of programming content.

Artist’s use of electronic media, specifically video art and video installation which became prevalent in 1960s & 1970s, demonstrates their adaptation of creativity and concepts to new technologies of expression and media for the dissemination of ideas. Audiences dulled by the generic proliferation of tv output are given relief from this through artists’ moving image works, and set free from the plodding punctuation of typical plot arcs and narrative. Arts constant battle for audience share in the face of ever expanding alternative outlets for
entertainment means that these moves by artists into utilizing new mediums of expression are necessary in order to maintain Arts stance as a viable experience as well in order to question such progressive societal sensations.

If McLuhans theory stands therefore, it has knock-on repercussions for not only artists use of technological media but artists obsession with appropriation, found items and transformed objects. Considering the terms ‘the medium is the message’, this overrides the availability of technology and objects to be imbued with alternative meaning and impact through altering
context, content etc as the format remains the message.

TELEVISION: An Exhibition refutes this whilst leaving the final say to the audience. Composed entirely of moving image work in a series of multi-tv screenings, projections and video installation, the validity of content over medium is made evident in terms of artists distinct use of mediums, whilst paying respect to the medium as vehicle for content.

Following from McLuhan’s expostulation that the prevalence of television has created a connected consciousness, TELEVISION: An Exhibition considers the use of the medium of moving image in terms of ‘the collective’-MART being a collective of new media artists.

Finally, TELEVISION: An Exhibition also endeavours to open discourse on the role of the contemporary art curator within the scope of new media and its frequent metaphysicality. It questions the challenges this presents to the curator in the transferred the onus of occupation of space from the traditional responsibility of the artist now to the curator, and the ever shifting tide-line between the artists and curators input into the display of individual works when work exists in digital dimension independent of physical form and how application of form can alter both the aesthetic and conceptual impact of same.

Artists wishing to be considered for membership of MART can contact info@martgroup.org .
Please check out and donate to MARTs Fundit campaign for the opening of The MART gallery space in Dublin at: http://www.fundit.ie/project/the-mart-help-turn-the-lights-on



Curated by Kay Bear Koss
16th-25th August                      

In contemporary art, collaborations of employment are everywhere. Artists, often unskilled in so many areas, frequently call upon experts in other fields to increase the quality of their work. Be it directing a performer or employing a craftsperson, we reach out and beg indulgences, that if they just stick with us and keep an open mind, it will all work out. Yet, true collaborations are rare. True, meaning the shared genesis, cultivation and execution of an idea.

This exhibition has been curated from work by six of twelve artists that participated in a twelve-month long experimental collaboration, the success of which was, by design, largely dependent upon the dedication, and participation of the entirety of the group. Or so we thought. Although the original objective might never have been actualized, the process itself was a highly valuable catalyst for exposure to different media, different work processes, generation of ideas and further relationships and collaborative events- like this exhibition, for example.

Taking January 2010 as a starting point, each of the twelve participants would create a piece of work within a month, then pass it down their ‘thread’ to the next artist. Simultaneously, they would receive a piece from another artist to which they would respond by making another piece of work. At the end of that month, their response would, again, be passed along to another artist. With a rotating timetable, each participant would, at one point or another, exchange a piece of work with all eleven others, the final works being a culmination of twelve threads of influence and inspiration from their peers. The pieces have been chosen that best illustrate the “threads” of consciousness that were followed; of the transmission, interpretation and reiteration of an idea; the shift of focus, and attention, and emphasis; the transmutation of a concept as it is translated not only across media, but across mindset and viewpoints.


Futile as Regret

Limerick School of Art & Design Graduate Selection

Opening Wednesday 18th July at 7pm
Exhibition runs from 19th-28th, Thurs to Sat 1-5pm.

A group exhibition of recent graduates of LSAD questioning the retro-engineering of a coherent narrative generated through reflection.

Melancholy moments are depicted alongside attempts at communication, meaning and achievement. The personal and the fictional are both employed in the articulation of our absurd attempt at understanding developing a psychological reality which resonates with commonly held experiences.

Declan Casey // Joan Stack //  Eimear Redmond // Paul Quast

Curated by Gerald Heffernan, co-curated by Pamela Myers

(image courtesy of Declan Casey)


Flotsam and Jetsam

Curated by Kirstie North

Thurs 24th May to Saturday 2nd June

Preview Wednesday May 23rd

Flotsam and Jetsam focuses on the found object, scrap and ephemera and the use of everyday objects and materials.

Featuring work by  Paul Chisholm // Simon English // Swaantje Güntzel // James L Hayes // Barry W. Hughes,   Joanna Hopkins // Fiona Reily // Anne Marie Taggart // Sam Walkerdine.

Kirstie North is currently undertaking a PhD in art History at UCC. She currently holds a Masters degree from UCC and an undergradute degree from Camberwell College of Art at the University of Arts, London. She previously held the position of assiatant curator at the Milton Keyes Gallery. 

Image: Swaantje Güntzel, Stomach Contents 340g, 2012.


Days On End Residency:

Irene Murphy

6th- 12th February 2012

As part of Days on End Sonic Arts Festival artist Irene Murphy will take up residency in the TACTIC. Throughout the week starting Monday the 6th the gallery will be open to the public. The residency will peak during ON, Days on End’s final 24-hour improvisational event.

Irene Murphy is a visual artist living and working in Cork city she is a founder member of the Cork Artists Collective and The Guesthouse. She is a founder member of artists collaborative groups, Ideal State Agency and the YoYo Club and is one of the trio in The Domestic Godless.

Days on End is a new, independently-run festival aiming to celebrate the best of Ireland’s burgeoning experimental music-scene. Occurring over three days and nights, it will seek to foster a greater network of exchange between musicians, improvisers, and experimental practitioners from all across the country, whilst also hoping to encourage a greater level of awareness and sense of participation among the general public.



Under The Flag – Art Trail

Seeing The Light – Film Festival

Member’s Show: Tom Campbell

Uncanny Sound

On The Threshold of Everything Inside and Out

| Sample 011 |   Open Studios 2011 |


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