General Facilities
Our communal spaces can be used by all members. These include:
Car park
Tea room
Associate Members can use the following work facilities:

1  Print Facilities

• Apple computer with full adobe suite for film editing and digital image modification
• A4 colour laser printer
• A3 brother ink jet printer. Large format OKI

2  Dark Room

This facility is under construction. It will house and enlarger, processing baths and other darkroom equipment

3  Print & Textiles Room

• Large tables for large format work
• Dye baths, hotplates and washing machine for wet processes e.g. dyeing & felting
• Screen printing facility (under construction) will include an exposure unit, screen wash trough, screen drying areas and drying racks.

This facility is available for hire for arts related projects at €65/day

4  Multi-functional Room

Open space for dry work such as:
• Theatre development
• Workshops
• Performances
• Photographic set-up.

This facility is available for hire for arts related projects at €65/day

Previous Events @ Old Sample-Studios


The New Step

Seven Ages Theatre Company

"What's it like?"
"What like?"
"You know"

Wednesday 30th May – Sun 3rd Jun, The Workshop @ Sample-Studios, 8pm Nightly | Tickets €5

Performed By: Mary McMorrow // Farah Mokhtareizadeh // Finbarr O’Connor // Saskia Walter

Choreography By: Michelle lane // Susan Brennan

Produced By: Pat Byrne //  Directed By: Donna Bloss

April 23-29 2012

Joe belongs to the 18 – 35 demographic. He has done everything that has been expected of him: he did well at school, a keen sportsman, got his degree, followed by a decent job. As a result Joe has the life that the Celtic Tiger promised him: a car, a mortgage, his health, he can afford to eat out at decent restaurants and enjoys putting away a few pints with friends, just like the rest of us. In short, Joe is grand. Something has started happening to Joe, but he can’t quite tell what it is. The sheen has come off his ‘perfect’ life. Why does the person who has ‘everything’ feel as if there is something lacking? Joe goes in search of the answer. What decisions have led him to this place? What could he have done differently? Would it really make a difference? 18 – 35 travels with Joe through some of the memories, regrets, ambitions and goals of his generation and asks: what is it that connects us and can a demographic or a generation have a true sense of identity?


March 29 -31 2012

Panoply – a wide ranging and impressive display…
Wandering Star Productions “Panoply of Plays” comes to The Workshop @ Sample-Studios from Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st of March.
Featuring playwrights from Cork, Dublin, England, America and Australia there is a host of new writing talent on offer.
An entertaining night is promised to all who come along! From broken hearts to broken egos, there is something for most of us to relate to in the series of short plays. We visit a home or two, a bar or two, an airport, a hospital, a bank and even a jail cell. You’ll see heaven and hell and many places inbetween. Boasting a real selection of Cork talent, Wandering Star’s Panoply of Plays is a must see! 


Feb 10-11 2012

Days On End is a new, independently run festival aiming to celebrate the best of Ireland’s burgeoning experimental music-scene. Occurring over three days and nights, it will seek to foster a greater network of exchange between musicians, improvisers, and experimental practitioners from all across the country, whilst also hoping to encourage a greater level of awareness and sense of participation among the general public.
Taking place in a number of venues around Cork City, the festival will include live performances, film screenings, workshops and talks. It will then culminate with the final 24-hour improvisational event, ON, hosted by The Workshop @ Sample-Studios featuring a succession of different performers, dropping in and out as the night progresses.



Feb 4th 2012

Longstanding instrumental rockers Rest and Ten Past Seven are getting together for their first co-headlining bill since 2006.
Capacity for the show is limited to a lucky 120 people with tickets priced @ €7 on sale in Plugd this week


Makeshift Ensemble in association with The Workshop @ Sample-Studios presents: Let’s Play! Design
Jan 10-17th

The exhibition of theatre design, comprised of set, costume and sound design launched at 7.00pm last Friday night. This exciting exhibition came as the fourth event of the Makeshift Ensemble Let’s Play! theatre development programme. The aim of this event was to showcase the design talent in Cork and allow an insight for the public into this aspect of theatre while also introducing new designers and putting theatre design into the limelight for once!
The exhibition was also preceded by a two day workshop on theatre design for the participating artists titled the  “Design Hospital”. The artists exhibiting also had the opportunity to avail of professional one-to-one mentorship as part of a two day workshop on design facilitated by Lisa Lilywhite theatre designer.
Let’s Play! is supported by the Arts Council and the exhibition was made possible with the generous support of Kinlay House and Pat MacDonnell Paints.


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